Our forefathers knew the value of owning property and the necessity of establishing a system for the subdividing of property. These learned men were also aware of the need for accurate records and maps of the ownership of the various parcels.

Our country was very "small" when George Washington, a surveyor, became our first President. Thomas Jefferson, our third President and also a surveyor, set down in writing the guidelines for dividing our country into parcels for individual ownership. These guidelines are the basis of the way land is subdivided today.

It is this inherent right to ownership, these great men were a part of creating, that makes today's registered land surveyor one of the most important professionals to employ for any real estate transaction. Although only a court of law can determine ownership, only the Land Surveyor, who has qualified him or herself through education, experience and who has passed an examination for registration required by the state of Florida can determine boundaries of property.

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