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Land surveying costs are dependent upon many factors, such as the type of survey required, availability of existing records and monuments, the type of terrain and location of the work to be performed.

Competitive bidding for the lowest price does not necessarily assure the best interest of the client.

In addition to salary costs, surveying fees include allowances for business overhead, such as taxes, insurance, office rent, telephone, postage, electricity and other items of cost essential for the conduct of a land Surveying business. The costs for monuments, travel time, coping and recording fees and other direct expenses must be calculated and are often included in the normal fee.

Because of these variables it is often difficult to determine an exact fee; however, based on general experience the Surveyor can furnish an accurate estimate of cost.




Given all this we encourage you to call us toll free (1-888-832-7730) or e-mail us with your inquiries.


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