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Legal Descriptions


    A Legal description consists of the written words which delineate a specific piece of real property that is recognized by law and is sufficient to locate the property without oral testimony (for example, the deed to your land). In the written transfer of real property, it is universally required that the instrument of conveyance (deed) include a written description of the property.

    Legal descriptions within the United States can generally be classified into one of these basic types

  • Metes and bounds
  • Bounded By
  • Sectional breakdown or an aliquot part of a (Section, Township and Range) within the Public Land Survey System
  • Lot and Block, or parts thereof, of a recorded subdivision plat
  • Strip description
  • Or many times a combination of the above

  • Generally included with the written legal description is a sketch that illustrates the written description, many times with bearing and distance. This sketch of description is a requirement of Florida law for land surveyors to provide along with a legal description which they prepare.

    The legal description and sketch is a legal document only and should state under the title “THIS IS NOT A BOUNDARY SURVEY”.

    Listed below are a few reasons a client requires a legal description and sketch:

  • Describe a parcel of land for sale
  • Describe a parcel of land for lease
  • Describe an easement for utilities, drainage, ingress and egress (access) etc.
  • Describe several adjacent parcels of land into one overall legal description
  • Correct a deed or legal description error
  • To update to a metes and bounds description from a sectional breakdown description

  • Manzie & Drake Land Surveying provides our clients with a professional legal description which a future surveyor, real estate lawyer or title agency can easily follow.

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