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Boundary Determinations


People and municipalities are very concerned about property line locations and parcel sizes. Manzie & Drake Land Surveying can provide the necessary fieldwork and documents to satisfy these needs. Click the links below for more detailed information on our services.

  Specialized Survey Work      

Manzie & Drake Land Surveying is often called upon to conduct specialized and unique survey work. Click the links below for more detailed information on our services.

  Engineering Surveys      
  Design professionals call upon Manzie & Drake Land Surveying to provide the essential data for design. Click the links below for more detailed information on our services.  
  Construction Surveys      
  After the client has purchased the property for residential, commercial or highway purposes and the engineers and architects have completed their work, the surveyor has to show the contractor where to position the proposed improvements. Manzie & Drake Land Surveying has considerable expertise in construction layout.  
  • Infrastructure Layout
  • Horizontal & Vertical Control
  • Residential & Commercial Building Layout
  • Utility Layout
  • As-Built Surveys
  Utility Location Services      
  Manzie and Drake Land Surveying can accurately mark existing underground utilities during the design survey saving time with the coordination efforts needed between “Sunshine State One Call” and the Surveyor. We can handle it all for you..

The utility location services provided by this firm include:
  • Coordinate with “Sunshine State One Call”.
  • Delineate on ground and field locate at the same time.
  • Field crew locations done conventionally or with GPS
  • GIS / CADD Mapping Department support
  • Latest in locator equipment and trained staff
Please see our informational brochure for more information on our Environmental Services.

  Wetland Surveys      
  Manzie and Drake Land Surveying has trained staff on hand with the knowledge necessary to delineate and permit wetlands per the protocols of the Army Corp of Engineers as well as state and local water management agencies.

The environmental services provided by this firm include:
  • Determining if the site contains jurisdictional wetlands.
  • Determining the boundaries of jurisdictional wetlands.
  • Location of wetland boundaries using latest in survey and GPS technology.
  • Permitting and mapping of jurisdictional wetlands, using ACAD and ARCGIS.
Please see our informational brochure for more information on our Environmental Services.

  GIS Department      
  The Manzie & Drake Geographic Information System (GIS) Department has been busy working on its in-house GIS database by entering records for over 100,000 property surveys, benchmarks and horzontal controls dating back to the 1930's. Eventually these surveys will also be scanned and added to our GIS with hyperlinks for quick viewing and printing for reference. This information will assist in performing future surveys and allow for an electronic archive of all our records. These maps, along with current CADD drawings, will be associated with the parcel map for Nassau County.

Our GIS knowledge, together with the latest technology, is used to ensure that data collection is compatible with GIS programs and database networks. Our field crews work closely with the GIS department in performing field locations. Manzie and Drake Land Sureying utilizes Sokkia and Trimble GPS equipment, Trimble Robotics, Trimble Pathfinder Office, ESRI ArcView and ArcPad for wetland locations, the establishment of vertical and horizontal controls and for utility locations.

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